Sponsored Display campaigns can now be optimized in Ad Optimizer

August 2, 2022

Sponsored Display campaigns can now be optimized in Ad Optimizer

With today’s release also Sponsored Display (SD) campaigns are optimizable in Ad Optimizer. For all SDs created in the Amazon Advertising Console, you can now make use of our Smart Bids logic, just like for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. 

How to start optimization?

To start optimizing your campaigns, simply set a goal / Target ACOS (TACOS) for your campaigns. To fully benefit from our Smart Bids logic we recommend to set up or move your SDs to a separate portfolio that is managed in Ad Optimizer.

Our best practices
We recommend the following procedure to achieve the best possible results with our Ad Optimizer:

1. In Ad Optimizer: Create a new Portfolio for your SDs (e.g. m_sda)
2. In Amazon Advertising Console: Move your SD campaigns to your new AO portfolio

3. In Ad Optimizer: Set Target ACOS (TACOS) for your campaigns

No action is required for Managed Service customers, as all settings for existing campaigns were automatically implemented.

Further SD management options

For managing your Sponsored Display campaigns in Ad Optimizer you have the following options besides the TACOS settings:

  • Bulk actions
  • Filters
  • Enable/Disable campaign if TACOS is set
  • Edit end date if TACOS is set
  • Add tags and category
  • Export as shown