Ineligible Products for advertising on Amazon

Amazon Sponsored Ads allow sellers and vendors to promote their products and reach a larger audience on the platform. However, there are certain guidelines and policies that advertisers must follow to ensure a fair and safe advertising environment for all users.

This article outlines ineligible products for advertising on Amazon, based on the policies for sponsored ads.

  1. Illegal products or services: Amazon strictly prohibits the advertising of any products or services that are illegal, such as drugs, pirated software, counterfeit goods, or any other items that violate intellectual property laws or other regulations.
  2. Offensive content: Advertisements featuring offensive, inappropriate, or controversial content are not allowed. This includes content that promotes violence, hate speech, discrimination, or any material that may be considered offensive to a reasonable person.
  3. Restricted items: Certain products on Amazon are restricted due to safety concerns or other regulatory reasons. These items are not eligible for advertising. Examples of restricted items include certain electronics, adult products, weapons, and more. This also includes Paints, markers and other products which may be used for graffiti.
  4. Tobacco and tobacco-related products: The promotion of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any other tobacco-related products is strictly prohibited.
  5. Drugs and drug-related products: Advertising for prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or any other pharmaceutical products is not allowed.
  6. Weapons and ammunition: Any form of weapons, ammunition, explosives, or accessories related to firearms cannot be advertised.
  7. Adult products: Advertising for adult content, including explicit material, adult toys, or any other related products, is not permitted.
  8. Gambling and lottery: The promotion of gambling services, online casinos, lotteries, or any other form of betting is not allowed.
  9. Endangered species: Any products derived from endangered species, as well as products that harm or exploit wildlife, are ineligible for advertising.
  10. Products promoting dishonesty or deception: Any products or services that promote dishonesty, deception, or fraudulent activities are not allowed to be advertised.
  11. Misleading or false advertising: Sponsored Ads must not contain misleading or false information that can deceive consumers.
  12. Personal information harvesting products: Advertising products or services that are designed to harvest personal information from users, such as spyware or surveillance equipment, is not permitted.
  13. Counterfeit goods: The advertising of counterfeit or replica products is strictly prohibited on Amazon Sponsored Ads.

For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on Amazon Sponsored Ads policies, always refer to the official Amazon Advertising resources and policies page: Amazon Advertising Policies.