How to cancel jobs via the API

How to cancel jobs via the API

How can I cancel a job if I started it by mistake or if I don't need the results anymore?

You can do this by following the steps below, as long as the job is not finished. Please make sure that you really don't need the data anymore as you can't download a running job which has been cancelled.


  • Prepare you Price API Key (equals your token) and the ID of the Job you want to cancel
  • Depending on the language you use (Shell/Ruby/etc.), integrate the appropiate commands in your code. Below you can find a sample code for Ruby, more examples can be found here.
  • If you receive an error it can be caused by the following issues. Please check if you integrated all the necessary parameters and if your job is still running.


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Error code Meaning Unauthorizedtokentoken Not foundjob_id Job is already finished or canceled Jobs that are already terminated cannot be canceled, also the already canceled jobs cannot be canceled.