Budget Management: Smart Bids

Budget Management: Smart Bids

What is the Smart Bids logic?

Smart Bids take into account not only your target ACOS (TACOS) but also the available portfolio budget. This way we optimize your campaigns in the most efficient way and use the budget smartly throughout the day to avoid out-of-budget times.
It allows you to have bids optimized by Ad Optimizer, even if you had created the campaign outside of Ad Optimizer (meaning directly on Amazon). 

How can I activate Smart Bids?

Go to the campaigns table  in Ad Optimizer and filter for "management option", and select "Manage" campaigns


Set a TACOS and here you go.

Our Best Practice

We recommend using the Smart Bids logic for campaigns that are managed within a metoda-Portfolio.

  1. Go to the Ad Optimizer and create a portfolio with a corresponding budget.
  2. Go to the Amazon Advertising Console and move the corresponding campaigns to a portfolio created in Ad Optimizer (it might take some minutes until new portfolios show up in your Amazon Advertising Console).
  3. Go back to the campaigns table in Ad Optimizer and enter a target (TACOS).

Note: If you set the TACOS to "0" or delete the value, the automatic optimization of the campaign will be deactivated again. Please note that in this case, the campaign stays active and causes costs in the portfolio - Ad Optimizer only stops optimizing bids.