Bid Optimization now also possible for Campaigns not created in Ad Optimizer

February 2, 2022

The next milestone on our way to optimize all your Amazon Advertising campaigns has been reached!

With today’s release, you can immediately save a lot of time:

You can now make use of our Ad Optimizer bid optimization for all Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns created in the Amazon Advertising Console.

These campaigns are marked with the label “Bids” (see Screenshot) and can be filtered accordingly with the filter “Management Option”.

How does that work?

To start optimizing bids for your campaigns, you just need to set the campaign Goal (TACOS) and are ready to go.

The TACOS is “Not set” by default (see Screenshot) for externally created campaigns. If you set the TACOS to “0” or delete the set value, the optimization of the campaign will be stopped automatically.

Notice: Please do not move any running campaigns into an active metoda portfolio (e.g. in order to also have the budget optimized by the Ad Optimizer), as otherwise the advertising costs previously incurred for the campaigns will also be transferred. This can lead to the portfolio budget being exhausted quickly and consequently all included campaigns would be paused.

We therefore recommend that you only optimize “Bids” campaigns via the Ad Optimizer if you continue to manage the budget yourself and run the campaigns without a portfolio or in a separate portfolio that you have created in the Amazon Advertising Console. Please note that new campaigns are only visible in Ad Optimizer a few hours after creation. Only from that point on you can set the TACOS and start the bid optimization.

Please also note that for all campaigns with the labels “View only” and “Bids” a maximum of 5 ASINs will be displayed in the campaign details for the time being.